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Martinborough, a small rural town with a permanent population of around 1500, lies east of the Rimutaka Range in Wairarapa. It is an hour’s drive from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. In the late 1970’s careful research identified the conditions that make Martinborough ideal for viticulture – free-draining gravel river terraces, low rainfall, windy springs to control early season vine vigour, warm summers to ripen grapes, and long autumns with cool nights to preserve acid levels. The first commercial vineyards were planted in the area in 1979.

At the time of the Home Block purchase Martinborough had only four producing wineries and the vineyards occupied a few small pockets of land. It was a far cry from the vine-encircled town of today. Our early arrival conferred two significant advantages – the pick of some of the best sites and realistic land prices.

We believe there are two key elements to success: the site and the commitment, knowledge and experience of the people working on it. Our most important decision, which underpins everything we do, derives from this view. We produce only Martinborough wine from vineyards that we own or control. In this way we ensure that every decision having a bearing on the final wine is taken consistent with our objective of producing great Martinborough wine.

In the vineyard we pride ourselves on doing the little things well. Our vineyard management revolves around optimising sunlight on the leaves and bunches and low cropping levels to achieve concentrated, ripe flavours. Specific practices include training vines to the Vertical Shoot Positioning and Scott-Henry systems, bud and shoot thinning, correct shoot placement, leaf plucking and crop removal where necessary. We currently produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc from 17 hectares of vineyard.


First planted in 1988

Total planted area 3 hectares

Chardonnay (re-planted in 2018/19) 1.83 hectares – Mendoza on 3309 rootstock

Pinot Noir (re-planted 2014) 1.17 hectares – Clone 5, 115 on 3309 rootstock


Planted in 1995

Total planted area 0.4 hectares

Chardonnay – Clone 6 on 3309 rootstock


Planted in 1999

Total planted area 0.8 hectares

Pinot Noir – Clones 5, 115, 10/5, Rootstock 101-14


Planted in 1996

Total planted area 2 hectares

Chardonnay – Clone 2/23 on Schwarzmann and 101-14 rootstock


Planted in 2000

Total planted area 3 hectares

Pinot Noir – Clones 10/5, 114, 115, 667, Abel, 5, Rootstocks 101-14, 5c


Planted in 2000/1/2, purchased by Nga Waka in 2016

Total planted area 9.35 hectares

Chardonnay 1.89 hectares – Clones 95, 2/23, 15 and 548 on 101-14 and 3309 rootstock

Pinot Noir 6.02 hectares – Clones Abel, 5, 10/5, 115, 667 on Schwarzman, 101-14 rootstock

Sauvignon Blanc 1.44 hectares – Mass Selection clone on 101-14 rootstock


Purchased by Nga Waka in 2019

Due to disease all the vines were removed in 2019

Between 2020 and 2022 the vineyard was replanted with Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gamay, Pinot Noir and Riesling