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2018 Vintage Report: warm season and early harvest beats out late rain

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) Unlike 2017, the numbers really do tell the story of the 2018 growing season and vintage. The early part of the season was unremarkable, slightly dryer than normal and next to no frost events. Flowering conditions were perfect and, in the absence of strong […]

2017 Vintage Report: lies, damned lies and statistics

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) Looking at the numbers above you might think the 2016-2017 season was slightly wetter and cooler than average but nothing too out of the ordinary and you would be dead wrong! Hence the old Mark Twain quote (attributed in the first instance to British […]

2016 Vintage Report: The Big Dry

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) After the small 2015 vintage we were hoping for a bounce-back to more normal yields in 2016. Frost was an issue again in Spring but the wind machines proved their worth and we sustained minor damage but only in our Pirinoa Block. Temperatures in […]

2015 Vintage Report: small but perfectly formed

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) There’s always a danger with catch phrases like “small but perfectly formed” that somewhere in the past I’ve used it to describe a similar vintage. If I have, mea culpa! The “small” part of the equation was established during the first half of the […]

2014 Vintage Report: Perfect (by the skin of our teeth)

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) The two key statistics from the 2013-14 season are that we matched our earliest harvest date (24 March) and that the 2nd and 3rd weeks of April produced more rain than recorded for the entire month of April over the last 30 years. The […]

2013 Vintage Report: A Goldilocks Season

  Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) I will remember 2013 as a “Goldilocks” season and vintage – yields slightly above long-term averages and weather not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry (while we had an extended dry period a look at the monthly rainfall figures will […]

2012 Vintage Report

Growing season (Oct-Apr) data: Rainfall (mm)  Growing Degree Days (heat units) I’ve been scratching my head for some time trying to make sense of this season and I’m still largely clutching at straws to explain how the seasonal data above can have produced the quality of grapes, not outstanding but certainly good, solid quality, that […]

2011 Vintage Report – the season of weird

Rainfall (mm)   Growing Degree Days (heat units) “When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional” – Hunter S. Thompson. The season of weird got underway with a Spring devoid of frosts, the first for many years. Having finally installed a wind machine in the Home Block last year the frost gods had the […]

2010 Vintage Report

The theme song for Vintage 2010, with apologies to Dragon must be “April Sun in Martinborough”. Looking at the season as a whole however, it is the 2-month periods at both the start and end of the 2009-2010 growing season that tell the real story of Vintage 2010. The season got off to a very […]

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